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Working With Mighty Empire

Our Business Objectives


Mighty Empire is a domain name investment firm and domain broker, focused on the acquisition and sale of premium quality domain names since 1999. Our primary business interests include:


  • Selling our portfolio of domains (we constantly acquire new ones!)
  • Purchasing quality domains from interested sellers
  • Licensing use of our domains to qualified organizations
  • Developing properties in revenue-sharing arrangements


We’re particularly interested in groups seeking to acquire, license or develop our portfolio of domains in the online gambling, mixed martial arts, and affiliate and niche marketing industries. Whether you’re interested in a number of our domains, or only one in particular, we’re ready to work with you to achieve your goals.




Our Financial Process


For Selling or Purchasing a domain, we agree on a final price. For Licensing a domain, we agree on usage, term length and annual fee. For Developing a domain, we agree on usage, responsibilities, timeline, and revenue-sharing arrangement. A contract will be produced, as required.


We use Escrow.com for transactions in USD and EURO. Escrow.com is a licensed and audited financial institution that acts as middleman in the transaction, holding funds from the buyer and releasing them to the seller once the domain transfer is complete. It is secure, convenient, and low cost, with fees in the 1% to 3.5% range for their standard service. Full details are on their website.


We use Bitrated.com for transactions in Bitcoin (BTC). Bitrated.com is a cryptocurrency trust marketplace that uses 2-of-3 multi-signature smart contract transactions, where buyer and seller can independently hold and release funds once the domain transfer is complete, with a nominated trust agent acting as arbitrator. It is secure, anonymous, and low cost, with fees in the 0% to 2% range. Full details are on their website.