Mighty Empire Launches Premium Domain Business

Mighty Empire is pleased to announce that we have launched our premium domain business. A team of individuals involved in digital media for over 25 years, we’re thrilled to enter this industry officially.

We’ve been in the domain industry unwittingly since 1999! We worked in different “internet” businesses in the mid-90’s including streaming video, online advertising, payment processing, and online gaming, and simply began registering domains we liked; we had no idea at the time how a domain industry would develop and grow. In the early stages we would complain about how “every good domain name was already taken” … if we only knew …

Finding a great domain name is tough. We can help.

In the years since those early days, we continued to register domain names while working in other fields – more online advertising platforms, affiliate platforms and networks, more online gaming, web development, social media platforms, search engine marketing, and many more. We would occasionally sell one of our domains to an interested buyer, and occasionally purchase domains from individual sellers and marketplaces.

We focused on expired and dropped domains, in search of “PageRank,” backlinks and traffic. For the most part though, our domain pursuits were a hobby compared to our primary businesses. As we get older, and our other businesses have good people running them, we have the ability to devote to domain investment, development, and brokerage.

So we’re quite happy to formally announce and launch our domain business. We maintain a significant portfolio of domains, some that are listed here on our website, others which will remain in our personal collection, are currently in development, or are being used by active businesses. We look forward to selling our domains, acquiring new domains, and partnering with individuals or groups to develop new businesses – we hope you’re among them.

Bon courage! The Mighty Empire Team

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